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Elite Equipment and Exceptional Service

One of the best gun shops in PA, Trop offers elite equipment from all areas of the firearm industry to help you achieve Bigger Trophies, Smaller Groups, Safer Communities and Reliability behind the Badge. If you are looking for guns for sale in Lancaster, Elizabethtown, PA, and now through our online store, we are the shop for you!

Shop Our Elizabethtown Gun Shop

Need help choosing the right firearm? Our Pennsylvania gun shop staff can help! If you’re a first time gun buyer browsing PA gun stores, feel free to come in and talk to our team. We’ll not only help you find the firearm that best suits you needs, we’ll also provide firearm training. Let us show you why we’re considered the best gun shop in PA.

Check Out our Extensive Online Inventory

Trop’s online store rivals any PA gun shops’ inventory. With a dedicated staff supporting our online store, you’ll find great deals including some of our premier firearms for sale and guns for sale. Check back often since our inventory is constantly changing.