Team Trop

Competitive shooting has never been more popular and the men and women of Team Trop are our ambassadors! Our team competes all across the country in a wide variety of competitive shooting disciplines. The red and black of Team Trop can be seen competing in 3-Gun, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, PPC, ICORE, NRA TPC, Sniper and Bullseye events. The team is dedicated to advancing and promoting the shooting sports lifestyle. Say hello the next time you see us at a match.

Meet the team

Phill Groff | PA — 3 Gun/USPSA

Phill Groff

Dean Deturk | PA — 3 Gun

Dean Deturk

Cindy Bowser | PA — 3 Gun/USPSA/IDPA

Cindy Bowser

Chad Drewry | NC — 3 Gun

Chad Drewry

Michael Stephens | PA — 3 Gun

Michael Stephens

George Dorbert | MD — 3 Gun

George Dorbert

Jessica Wright | TX — 3 Gun/USPSA

Jessica Wright

Maegan Wilson | TX — 3 Gun

Maegan Wilson

Rene' Martinez | PA — PPC/Bullseye

Rene' Martinez

Pam Verville | MI — 3 Gun/USPSA

Pam Verville

Jen Blake | OH — 3 Gun

Jen Blake

Team Trop

Recent Match Results

  • Dean wins Factory Division at the 2016 3-Gun Nation Southern Regional Championship
  • Dean wins the opening match of the Topton 3-Gun Series
  • Mike gets the Limited Division win in the opening match of the York IWLA Sensibly Armed Series

Upcoming Matches

  • 3-Gun Nation Southwestern Regionals - Marble Falls TX
  • Tarheel 3-Gun Challenge
  • 3-Gun Nation Eastern Regionals - Clinton SC
  • Armalite 3-Man 3-Gun Championship
  • Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Championship - Raton NM
  • Rockcastle Pro-Am
  • 3-Gun Nation National Championship
  • FNH 3-Gun Championship
  • Warsport Team Challenge

Additional Team Sponsors

  • Vigilance Tactical
  • Legendary Arms Works
  • Tactical AR500 Targets
  • Wild Ear
  • Beck Defense